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You must be worrying about your relationship with your children. A consultation session on Parent-child relationship astrology with Dr. Vinay Bajrangi can prove highly beneficial. He can suggest ways to strengthen the bond between the parent and the child, and these Vedic remedies are easy to perform. You are requested not to disclose these remedies because these are suggested after evaluating your birth chart.



Mangal Dosha Effects

Mangal Dosha, also known as Kuja Dosha, It is simply a planetary placement that can create challenges in married life. However, these challenges can be […]

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Job issues in your natal chart

Dr. Vinay Bajrangi, renowned astrologer, offers personalized insights into your job issues in natal charts to reveal career obstacles and opportunities. Uncover the cosmic forces […]

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Second marriage Yoga in Kundli

Discover the secrets of your marital destiny with Dr. Vinay Bajrangi, a renowned expert in Vedic astrology. Uncover the potential for a second marriage yoga […]

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Delay in Marriage

Seeking answers to the eternal question, When will I get married? Look no further! Dr. Vinay Bajrangi, renowned Vedic astrologer, offers expert guidance to eliminate […]

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Extramarital affair in birth chart

Are you curious about the secrets hidden within your birth chart? Dr. Vinay Bajrangi, renowned astrologer, brings you profound insights into your relationship dynamics through […]

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Past Life Reading

Find the mysteries of your past lives and transform your future with Dr. Vinay Bajrangi’s expert Past Life Reading service. Unearth hidden memories, unresolved issues, […]

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Lifespan Calculator

Are health concerns troubling you? Our expert astrologer, Dr. Vinay Bajrangi, uses the power of Health astrology to analyze your birth chart and provide personalized […]

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Job promotion as per your birth chart

Embrace the power of astrology for a brighter future. Are you stuck in Job Promotion as per Your Birth Chart? Your birth chart holds the […]

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Government job prediction by birth chart

Discover the power of Government Job Prediction through Birth Chart analysis. Dr. Vinay Bajrangi, renowned astrologer, offers precise insights into your future career prospects. Unleash […]

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Select job or business as per birth chart

Navigate the world of entrepreneurship with confidence. Find your ideal business niche aligning with your cosmic energies. Dr. Vinay Bajrangi, a renowned astrologer, offers personalized […]

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