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Pokrovsky, Georgy Konstantinovich

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Georgy Konstantinovich Pokrovsky (1877 – 1937) – zemstvo secretary, deputy of the State Duma of the II convocation from Saratov province, lawyer, member of the .BiographyWas born in the city of Balashov. From hereditary honorary citizens. The family name is Gorochka. Graduated from primary rural school. After graduation he served as a zemstvo clerk. He served as the secretary of the Balashov district zemstvo congress of the Saratov province. In the early 1900s he joined the Socialist Revolutionary Party. At the time of the elections to the Duma, he did not have real estate.On February 6, 1907, he was elected to the State Duma of the II convocation from the general composition of electors of the Saratov provincial electoral assembly. He became a member of the Socialist Revolutionary Group. Was elected secretary of the Commission for the analysis of correspondence. He was a member of the Duma commission for the execution of the state list of income and expenses and the commission for local government and self-government. He put forward formulas for the transition to the next business and about food aid to the hungry and the unemployed on behalf of the Duma group of socialist revolutionaries.After the Third June coup, he was arrested and exiled. Subsequently, he entered the law faculty of Moscow University and graduated from it. Attorney at law. He continued his studies at the People’s University of A. L. Shanyavsky. Served as a legal adviser for the Dmitrov Union of Credit and Savings and Loan Associations. He taught at the Prechistenskaya working courses in Moscow. G.K. Pokrovsky (1st from the right in the 4th row) in the parliamentary group of Socialist-Revolutionaries in the II State Duma (1907)In 1917 he served as the secretary of the . After the February Revolution, he was elected a member of the Executive Committee of the All-Russian Council of Peasant Deputies. In September 1917 he took part in the Democratic Conference in Petrograd. October 3, 1917 member of the Provisional Council of the Russian Republic (Pre-Parliament). for the Central Committee of the Party to the Constituent Assembly. Elected from the Pskov and Saratov districts (according to the first of them, according to list No. 3 – the Social Revolutionaries and the Council of Peasant Deputies). Treasurer of the Bureau of the Socialist-Revolutionary faction, participant in the on January 5.From the end of 1918 to the beginning of 1919 – a member of the editorial board of the newspaper „Rodnaya Zemlya” in Yekaterinodar. The newspaper was closed by the command of the Volunteer Army. In 1918-1922 he taught at the Department of Political Economy of the Kuban Polytechnic Institute, later taught at the Department of Agricultural Economics at the Petrovsk Agricultural Academy.Since the early 1920s – a member of the Central Bureau of the Socialist-Revolutionary Party. Published in the magazines „Cooperative business”, „Local self-government in the North Caucasus.” Author of books on economics.In the early 1920s, he taught at the Petrovsko-Razumovskaya Academy, was the secretary of the Central Bureau of the Social Revolutionary Party.On January 19, 1922, he was arrested by the Moscow Cheka, released, the case was closed. During this period, under the party pseudonym „Lyusmarin” (with the postscript „from the Central Bureau of the Socialist-Revolutionary Party”), he conveyed to the foreign delegation of the Socialist-Revolutionary Party information about the preparation of a show trial of the Socialist-Revolutionaries, published on June 12, 1922. In 1922, under the same pseudonym, he published several articles abroad describing the torture and murder of political prisoners by the Chekists in a prison in Yekaterinodar.On June 7, 1922, he was arrested in Moscow. On December 7, 1923, he was sentenced by the Moscow Provincial Court on charges under Articles 60 and 69 to 10 years in prison with confiscation of property, with loss of rights for 5 years, the term was changed to 7 years in prison; served his sentence in Moscow prisons (including Taganskaya), Tobolsk political isolator; released early due to illness.In 1928 he was sentenced to 3 years of exile, in 1929 he was in Saratov.On November 9, 1936, he was arrested in Tashkent and soon shot.In the case in connection with the arrest on January 19, 1922, he was rehabilitated in May 2004, in the case of December 7, 1923 he was rehabilitated in November 1998 by the Moscow prosecutor’s office.FamilyWife – Raisa Ivanovna Pokrovskaya (née Motorina), daughter of a teacher at the Balashov gymnasium.Daughter – Marianne (? -?)Daughter – Concordia (? -?)Daughter – Lyudmila (? -?)Mother – Alexandra Nikolaevna, nee? (? -?)Brother – Pavel Konstantinovich Pokrovsky (? -?)Sister – Vera (? -?),Sister – Olga (? -?),Sister – Maria (? -?),Sister – Love (? -?),Sister – Lydia (? -?)Sister – Elena Konstantinovna, married Speranskaya (1886—?)Add


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