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Wing king has not yet out of the city, the magistrate is afraid to offend the Tu Lan House. His Highness the Wing King was furious. The son of heaven is angry with millions of corpses, and the prince is angry with millions of corpses, which can not be underestimated. Where there are people, there will be classes. For Tu Lan's family, another one will soon be built on the ruins of the family temple. But for ordinary people. The house was burned down, the family's savings were gone, and they couldn't even get enough food to eat. The court's help won't last long. They need a way out. Gu Xiaoxiao looked at the person with a vegetable face, carrying the old and helping the young, and had an idea in his heart. It takes manpower and material resources to make cold clothes. What Tu Lan's family lacks most now is labor. There are many young and middle-aged people among these people. Recruiting them to work can kill two birds with one stone. She declined the magistrate's offer to help expel the refugees and turned to Tu Lan Nanze to discuss countermeasures. Tu Lan Nanze had planned to rely on the government to expel these people, but after listening to Gu Xiaoxiao's words, he stroked his beard and showed the color of thinking. Are you saying there's a better way than letting the government expel the refugees? Tu Lan Nanze is still a little hard to believe, a refugee is easy to deal with, so many refugees gathered together, Rao is his long-experienced, but also quite difficult. Have a play, the other side did not refute her opinion completely, Gu Xiaoxiao is happy on the tip of the eyebrow to say in high spirits: "Grandfather adult.". We are a part of Tianshui City. If we ask the court for help this time, the refugees will be expelled stiffly. I'm afraid there will soon be rumors in the city that my family is bullying others. My Tu Lan family has been in business for generations,Stainless Steel Prison Toilet, and the most important thing is reputation. Gu Xiaoxiao is moved by reason and emotion. Sure enough, Tu Lan Nanze was somewhat moved and asked, "What should we do? Can we say that we should make concessions to these refugees and let them fool around?" In theory, Tu Lan Nanze wanted to cry out for injustice, those refugees burned only one or a house, but he burned a whole family temple. They can still come to his house to make trouble. Who is he looking for? Is it difficult for him to run to the magistrate and roll around to arrest the real murderer of arson and injury and compensate him for his loss. The real murderer, Tu Lan Nanze,stainless steel toilet, still had some clues, but how could he blush to report the arson? It was probably his granddaughter. There are more than a dozen young ladies like flower buds in the three rooms of the house. If the bad reputation of arson gets out, they won't even be able to find a good family. Grandfather, what the common people lack most is that we have the most. Tu Lan has bought so many fields and houses. What if we lend them a house to live in for the time being? And the granddaughter saw that the refugees outside the mansion were also strong and able to work. We can vacate a farm in the house for these people to live in temporarily, and then hire them to work in the workshop. Of course, those scoundrels who fish in troubled waters should be punished before they act. Gu Xiaoxiao methodically said his suggestion, Tu Lan Nanze even said three good, so the job was taken for granted thrown into Gu Xiaoxiao's hands. As a result, Gu Xiaoxiao, who had inadvertently become more active, said that the position of head of the family was getting closer and closer to her, and that Tu Lan Nanze was already examining her ability to handle affairs independently. In the Yangtze River, the waves behind drive on the waves before. Tu Lan Nanze found that he was really old and his head was getting more and more inflexible, Manual Flush Valve ,push button toilet flush valve, but his granddaughter was amazing. Perhaps the successor he has been waiting for has already appeared. But her age is too young, Tu Lan Nanze decided to look at it again. Although Gu Xiaoxiao intends to help those who lost their houses in the fire, she doesn't want to raise a supercilious wolf. People must help, but we must pay attention to methods, kindness and threat, so that people are really convinced. Thinking of the scoundrels outside the door, Gu Xiaoxiao's eyes flashed and he sent someone to tell the magistrate that all the scoundrels who threatened the safety of the women in the mansion would be expelled. People who have lost their houses can be excused for making trouble here, but those street scoundrels who have good houses and gather together to fan the flames in order to cheat money are the ones who need to be arrested and educated most. As soon as the yamen runner came out, the splashy skin gathered outside the door would scatter and flee, waiting for the storm to pass and turn back again. This time, however, Gu Xiaoxiao did not do what they wanted. She handed her hand to the yamen runner beside her, who was dressed in a soap coat, and said, "Please help me. These scoundrels have been staring at Tu Lan's family for a long time. There are many beautiful women and children in the family. Please make sure that these people are brought to justice.".
” The yamen runner shook his sword and let the scabbard hit the hilt with a clear sound. He nodded heavily and said, "Don't worry, girl. I will obey you." The scoundrel saw that the situation was not right and immediately ran away with his tail between his legs, but the county officials did not eat rice. How could they let them run away? Soon they were caught and put in prison. They are usually idle and have criminal records, and they have to be locked up for a period of time. When the rioters were cleaned up, the door of Tu Lan's house, which had been closed for a long time, was opened, and a cart carrying chestnut rice porridge and other food was pushed out. Folks, folks. If you can trust the little girl, you might as well eat first and then listen to me. Please line up so as not to break up the porridge bucket. Gu Xiaoxiao's voice is not loud. The words are gentle with firmness, which makes people feel convinced. There was food, and all the people present had their eyes lit up, and they lined up at the beginning. There were porridge, big white steamed buns, and vegetables. If it weren't for the yamen runners, the servants of Tu Lan's family were five big and three thick. The people present really wanted to grab the cart and push it home regardless. Wait for everybody to eat almost, a mood lazy touch belly, satisfied lean together to rest, Gu Xiaoxiao opened his mouth. She gave a brief account of the cause of the fire. He emphasized that Tu Lan's family was also a victim, and then offered to provide free housing and food to everyone. The requirement was that young and middle-aged men needed to help Tu Lan's family work, and they would give everyone regular monthly money. A place to live, a place to eat, a place to work?! The people present were all surprised to open their mouths wide, saliva flowed out and did not feel that there was such a good thing in the world, Tu Lan's family was not only willing to accept them, but also willing to provide them with jobs, this is not a dream? Although everyone flocked to Tu Lan's house to make trouble, as Gu Xiaoxiao said,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, they also knew that Tu Lan's house was also a victim of the fire, but what could they do if they did not make trouble. They're just minions, and the government won't care even if they freeze to death and starve to death.

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