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A scream suddenly stopped-at the moment when Su Yang opened his mouth to speak, Zhu Su's hand penetrated his mouth like a dung fork, his sharp nails cut the hard structure of his upper jaw, and his hand swam like a poisonous snake to the depths of his brain and pulled it out vigorously. Su Yang only felt a sharp pain coming, and every cell was like meeting a magic spell, shrinking up and hurting his heart, but with Zhu Su's arm, he could not cry out the pain, so he could only twist his body desperately and struggle. He felt like a stranded fish, and the scorching sun baked the beach into a huge oven, which made every muscle and bone of his body ache violently. He flicked his tail desperately, but could not get rid of the fate of being baked. Instead, he rubbed his body with blood stains on the rough gravel. The first scene that Yan Changfeng saw when he woke up was Su Yang lying on the ground, with his mouth wide open and his body hunched, like a desperate fish, flopping on the ground, as if he were suffering from the pain of biting his bones. Zhao Lirui knelt beside him with tears streaming down her face, trying to hold down his body, but Su Yang's clothes were stained with the juice of moss on the ground,collapsible pallet box, greasy like a loach, and kept moving, so she couldn't hold it down. "What's wrong with him?" Asked Yan Changfeng in horror. Zhao Lirui looked up and saw the resurrected Yan Changfeng. He was overjoyed. "Great, you finally woke up." Turning to look at Su Yang's pain again, tears came out again, "but Su Yang he." Yan Changfeng asked in a hurry, "How did he become like this?" Zhao Lirui tearful eyes, "I do not know ah.". Just when you fell into.. In less than five minutes,plastic wheelie bins, he suddenly became as motionless as an evil spirit, and finally became like this. "How long have I been away?" Zhao Lirui looked at her watch and said, "It's almost twenty minutes.". As soon as I saw that Su Yang's situation was not right, I hurried to rescue you first, but no matter how I massaged, you had no reaction. I thought you. She sobbed. "Then Su Yang became like this, and I came to see him." Yan Changfeng looked at Su Yang and found that his face was black, the veins on his forehead were swollen, his temples were jumping, and his head was twisting and twitching all over his body. A chill went straight to Yan Changfeng's forehead, and from Su Yang's performance, it seemed that he was suffering from some kind of pain of pinching his neck or squeezing his head. But the house is empty, where does such external force come from? The name of "Zhu Su" flashed directly in his mind. But since she had let Su Yang go before, plastic bulk containers ,drum spill containment, why did she have to kill him again this time? Was he to blame for disturbing her so often? Without carefully reflecting on the reasons, Yan Changfeng stretched out his hands to see if there were really a pair of invisible hands pinching Su Yang's neck or head. But before his hand touched Su Yang, a green light flashed over Su Yang's head and penetrated his palm. Even more incredible things happened, in the green light, Su Yang's head gradually disappeared, and eventually turned into a "headless corpse.". With a scream, Zhao Lirui rushed forward and hugged Su Yang. A magical scene happened, when her hand touched Su Yang, Su Yang's head reappeared, but his face was still shrouded in a faint green light, looking very strange. Just then, a "bang" sound came from Zhao Lirui's small Kun bag slung across her shoulder, which shocked Yan Changfeng and Zhao Lirui so much that their hearts stopped for three seconds. Just when the two were relatively shocked, Su Yang in Zhao Lirui's arms moved. She looked down and saw that the green light shrouded in Su Yang had disappeared, and Su Yang was trying to open his blank eyes. She was so overjoyed that she began to laugh and cry. You finally woke up. You really scared me just now. Su Yang's eyes gradually adapted to the weak light in the room. After seeing Zhao Lirui in front of him, he said weakly, "It's you." He moved, but "ah", "my whole body is very uncomfortable." Zhao Lirui's joy was like the wheat in front of the flood, which was washed away at once. She stretched out her hand nervously and felt his pulse. Fortunately, although his pulse condition is a bit messy, it does not seem to be a big problem.
When Yan Changfeng saw Su Yang wake up, a stone in his heart fell to the ground, but at the same time he gave birth to an awe-inspiring meaning to him and said, "It's all right if you're all right.". I think it's too dangerous to stay here for a long time. Let's get out of here quickly. Zhao Lirui thought of the strange green light just now, as well as the explosion from the bag. Her heart trembled and she said, "Right, right, right. Let's leave quickly." Su Yang struggled for a moment, trying to sit up, but his whole body was soft as if his spine had been pulled out, and he had no strength at all, so he could only lie down again feebly, "I don't seem to be able to move." Without saying a word, Yan Changfeng grabbed Su Yang, carried him on his back, and limped out of the bedroom. Zhao Lirui followed closely and came to the gate. She thought about it and looked out of the peephole behind the door to see if there was anyone outside. This look did not matter, she was so frightened that she fell to the ground, and the scream stuck in her throat was cut off by horror-in the mirror, there was a piece of blood red, with a little black and white floating in the middle, which was a human eye! Yan Changfeng was shocked by Zhao Lirui's strong reaction and almost fell to the ground. Before he could ask a question, he heard a scream outside the door, followed by a frantic running footsteps,mobile garbage bin, mixed with a shrill cry: "Ghost.." 602 is haunted again! Zhao Lirui finally recovered his breath and climbed up in a mess. He scolded bitterly: "Really, what are you looking at in the door when you have nothing to do? It's just a deliberate attempt to scare people to death." Yan Changfeng said with a wry smile, "It scares people. It scares people to death. That's it." 。

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